Hol Bike

Hi ! I’m Holly and I’m one of the new Active Travel Officers at the Kilmarnock Hub. I have always enjoyed cycling and have recently come back from a 3 month cycling trip around Europe. I love cycling in my leisure time but also use my bike to commute to work and the shops. I also love walking and I am always keen to explore Scotland and the local area by foot as I think it’s a great way to keep active, see new things and meet the community. I look forward to meeting you all out in the community or pop into the travel hub to say hello!



Hi, I’m Fay and I’m the Active Travel Hub Officer based in Kilmarnock. I’ve been in travel for over 20 years and have lived and worked abroad. I love exploring new countries and places. I have a keen interest in fitness and for the past 6 years have taught fitness classes throughout the local area. I am excited to be part of the new Travel Hub and look forward to working with local businesses and communities. If you're passing, please pop in and say “Hi”.